About the Foodiepackers

We started foodiepackers to share our love for travel and food. When we are traveling, the most we enjoy is to go out and discover the different cuisines of the world, new ingredients, and new ways of seeing food. For us, a plate of food is the map of the place we are in. Through its ingredients, it reveals the geography and the climate. But above all, it tells us the story of the people who created the dish and who cook it. Our love for food is actually what brought us together in the first place. We met when we were both traveling through Luang Prabang in Laos at a little street food stall that sold fried vegetables.
A portrait image of Chris from Foodiepackers.com
Writer and Editor
Chris’s main motivation for traveling is tasting new, delicious foods, so you will find him on a little plastic stool at the night market most of the time. From all the places he has been to, he loved Mexican, Vietnamese, Shandong, and Malaysian food the most. He has lived in Berlin, Montpellier, Ulaanbaatar, Niamey, and Islamabad.
A portrait image of Anabel from Foodiepackers.com
Writer and Editor
Ana loves experiencing new places through food and she is always interested to know what the locals are eating. She has lived in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Cusco, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Niamey, Luxembourg, and Berlin. Anabel’s favorite place for food is Vietnam for its balanced flavors and abundant use of fresh herbs.